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Buddhist Holiness Comes to Harvard (The Harvard Crimson)

Tibetan Lama at Divinity School By DAVID A. DEMILO, December 8, 1976

Clad in traditional dark red robes and surrounded by his following of ten monks and lamas, the head of the Kagyu order of Tibetan Buddhists spread the faith last night to nearly 100 people at the Divinity School.
Gwalya Karmapa, the second-highest ranking living lama, is spending three months in the United States teaching the beliefs of his Buddhist order, Dharmadhatu. He came at the invitation of Harvey Cox, Thomas Professor of Divinity.
Karmapa, who swept into the Center for World Religion in a limousine flanked by a police escort, told about 20 reporters at a 5 p.m. news conference that his religion emphasizes the "impermanence of physical existence," the "permanence of the mind" and "compassion" for others.
Liberty Bell
At a 5:30 reception at Andover Hall, the Buddhist leader received several gifts from Cox and Krister Stendahl, dean of the Divinity School, including a miniature Libert…