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Announcement Regarding Decision of the Supreme Court of India (July, 2004)

The Supreme Court of India Decision
Regarding Litigation In Sikkim District Court
The Kagyü Office of His Holiness the 17th Karmapa has recently been notified by its legal counsel that a motion designed to bring the litigation over Dharma Chakra Centre, Rumtek Monastery to a swifter conclusion has been unsuccessful. Although the Kagyü Office is disappointed with the news because it will prolong the litigation, the ruling by the Supreme Court of India was not unexpected due to the legal technicalities involved in the underlying suit. The ruling was collateral to the litigation pending in the District Court of Sikkim and has no significant impact on the continuing administration of His Holiness's Office or Rumtek Monastery. The underlying case will now proceed, and the Kagyu Office is confident that the court system of India will resolve the underlying litigation in a just and expeditious manner.

The recent ruling of the Supreme Court case is related to a pending Civil S…

June - Karmapa's Birthday Celebrated

On June 26, His Holiness became 19 years of age (20 years according to the Tibetan counting system). In the morning, His Holiness was feted at a private celebration with lamas and rinpoches and other invited representatives. In the afternoon, a public ceremony was held in the monastery's courtyard.