The Gyalwang Karmapa Expresses His Birthday Wish – To Visit His Homeland

On the 26th of June the Gyalwang Karmapa expressed his wish to visit Tibet via a video message on Facebook. The transcript and video are reproduced here.

First, I would like to thank personally all those who took an interest in and celebrated my birthday both inside and outside of Tibet in wonderfully different ways. So many have placed their faith in me and I thank you for this. I do whatever I can to fulfill the hopes you have placed in me.
Now seventeen years have passed since I separated from my parents and came to India. I have not seen them since I left Tibet. Honestly speaking, my birthday is not a happy occasion for me, because usually on such a day, we gather together with our parents, relatives, and friends to be happy and enjoy ourselves but this I cannot do. Speaking from a human point of view, it is very sad and disappointing, and so for about five years, I have not observed my birthday.
In general, I have been blessed with the name of Karmapa, and so there is a multitude of related activity to be carried out. Yet I am also a human being for whom accomplishing the wishes of his elderly parents is very important. I hope, therefore, that within the next two or three years, I can go to the Land of Snows and meet my parents in our homeland. I will try my best for this to happen.
It is a bit difficult, however, for this wish to be fulfilled as it depends on many complex conditions. Nevertheless, disregarding the difficulties, I will do what I can to visit my homeland and meet my parents before they pass away and also come together with my relatives. I have great hopes and enthusiasm for bringing this about.
I always remember the Tibetans in Tibet, both my family and all the Tibetan people. And so I hope and aspire that we can meet soon and spend time together. On this birthday I make the aspiration that everyone enjoy perfect happiness and that everything be auspicious for them in all ways.


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